Retainer Philosophy

No Surprise Fees – First Set of Clear Retainers and 3D Models Included in Treatment Fee

Wrapping up your orthodontic treatment should be a happy time, but finding out you owe more money than you expected can cause even the brightest smile to fade. Part of the Girdwood Orthodontics philosophy is an all-inclusive approach to treatment estimates. That means you’ll know exactly how much your braces will cost – and everything that will be included – from the beginning. No hidden fees, no surprise bills, and no extra charge for your retainers at the end of treatment.

We include your first set of clear retainers as part of your orthodontic treatment, and the cost is included in your estimate at the outset of treatment. We also provide you with the 3D printed model of your retainers to keep with you should you lose or break your first set of retainers. This enables us to fashion new retainers for you, from these 3D models, at a significant discount should you require additional retainers. To schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation with Dr. Girdwood, including a comprehensive breakdown of your treatment costs, call our Lebanon office at (513) 932-7675, our Middletown office at (513) 423-4382 or Monroe office at (513) 402-1785.